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The Idea

Imagine you are an artist, an urban sketcher, a student with a journal travelling from place to place. Your journal is your record of what you see, what you hear, how you feel and how you experience a place. When you spend the time recording with a pen, pencil, pastel, or brush, your senses come alive and you start recording what you hear, see, smell, and feel in the marks that you make in your journal. When you come back to it years later, those memories flood back to you - as the journal pages are mnemonics.

This is an experiment in Generative AI, using OpenAI's GPT and Dall-E to generate a journey, artwork from that journey, and then a gallery to share it with your audience.

I built Galeryst orignially because I had thirty years of artwork locked up in journals and wanted a way to exhibit the artwork in a gallery. I soon found that photographers, artists, schools, and organizations from around the globe saw Galeryst as a way that they could share their artwork as well. Galeryst's mission is to Enable any artist to create a beautiful gallery to share their artwork with the world.

I challenge you to generate a gallery from a journey that you took, or one that you want to take. Let it inspire you to pick up a journal and record your journey with expression and artistry. Find inspiration in the galleries here, and when you are ready, create a gallery with your own artwork. If you have any ideas or feedback, start a discussion about Galeryst here.

- Michael Scherotter, April 2024

Galeryst Terms & Conditions

Before you continue, you must agree to the Galeryst Terms of Service.

As Galeryst uses content from your Adobe Photoshop Lightroom albums, you are in control of the content in your galleries at all times and are responsibe for insuring that you have rights to exhibit the work.

Galeryst is not to be used to exhibit any hateful, discriminatory, or sexually explicit content. See the terms of service for full details.

If you are not yet a subscriber, when you agree to these terms, your free Starter plan will begin, which allows you to create and exhibit a single gallery from your Lightroom albums with up to two wings.

When you agree to these terms, you will then be taken to the Stripe portal to pay for a new Starter subscription.

Problem generating gallery

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