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Share your gallery with the world.

  1. When you first create a gallery it starts out as private. Only you can see it when you are logged into Galeryst.com.
  2. From the My Galleries page, click on ... for the gallery that you want to share and select Customize gallery...
  3. On the Details tab, in the Gallery Details pane, there is a section for the Sharing options where you see 3 choices:
    • Private: only you can see the gallery when you are logged in.
    • Unlisted: the gallery is available for anyone to see but they need to know the URL. Unlisted galleries are not listed in the search.
    • Public: the gallery is available for anyone to see and is listed in the Public Galleries page. In addition, the gallery will show up in search results.
  4. Selecting a new sharing option applies it immediately - you do not need to press Generate to rebuild your gallery.
  5. You can close the Customize dialog by clicking on the X in the upper right corner.
  6. If your gallery is unlisted or public, you can click on the social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest on the gallery page to share with those platforms.