Pick your Subscription Plan

Galeryst's mission is to enable any artist to create a beautiful gallery to share their art with the world, so any artist can have their own free gallery with a Starter Plan. Once you agree to the Terms of Service, your Starter Plan begins. If artists want to go further, we offer a variety of subscription plans. The primary difference between the starter plan and the subscription plans are:

  • The subscription plans enable you to have multiple galleries with more than 2 wings and larger wings in each gallery.
  • The subscription plans allow you to add links to your assets.
  • The subscription plans allow you to host galleries in other sites with an iframe.
  • For both the Curator and Museum Plans, there is an additional section in the Settings and Artist page to list the artists whose work is shown in the galleries.

Between the various subscription plans, they vary by the number of galleries, the number of wings per gallery, the size of wings, and the subscription duration. Go to the Choose a plan page to find the plan that is right for you.