A humanitarian and travel art photographer, Julie has spent many years travelling through SE Asia and would like others to see the varied lives of the many people who live there and to view their world slightly differently.
She has travelled extensively through Cambodia and Laos, as well as parts of Vietnam and Thailand and she has taken many travellers off the beaten tracks to see the wonders of these countries and their peoples.
She supports local businesses and communities as well as supporting education in rural areas of Laos. In 2017-2018, she filmed a documentary on the endangered textile arts of Laos.
“Introducing people to the art, culture and lives of the locals is reward enough for me and I make no profit from touching their lives. I prefer to experience a place deeply and often, rather than see everything once and skim the surface.” – Julie


Julieleanne Photography
5/19/2022, 10:53:51 PM