Michael S. Scherotter

Galeryst Creator and Full-Stack Software Engineering

Educated as an architect, Michael has made his career in software development focusing on the intersection of technology and creativity. Over the past thirty years, Michael has been creating artwork, and has always been looking for ways to share his work that is primarily bound in the pages of journals. The global pandemic shut down in-person art galleries and exhibits for much of the world and that inspired Michael to find a way to recreate the art gallery experience online.

In 2021, Michael took a sabbatical from his work as a technical program manager at Microsoft to build and release galeryst to exhibit his own artwork and give artists around the world an engaging, interactive, way to exhibit artwork with this simple vision:

Enable any artist to create a beautiful gallery to share their artwork with the world.

Michael S. Scherotter

Liz Scherotter



Liz believes that art enriches the world. She loves being involved with a startup that aims to share art globally. She primarily works with operations, but also contributes to site design, testing, and development.

Bujuanes Livermore

Design Strategist

Bujuanes helps visionaries get ideas out of their inner sanctum and into the world. She has a multidisciplinary background ranging from digital experiences, media & communications, screen arts, textiles and fashion, and has produced a ridiculous number of commercial products and services. She often finds the positive energy of the universe bringing talented folk like the team at Galeryst into her orbit, and when that happens, she can't help but....well...help.

"I was one of the first people Michael explained the idea of Galeryst to, and I immediately wandered into the land of its potential. What we've created in the matter of months ain't too bad at all. While our collective passion in evolving Galeryst is firmly in place, we know there's still work to do to iron out the kinks. Like many a people have said "better done than perfect".

Bujuanes brought design strategy to the table for this project, and continues to remain involved in its evolution, refinement design & experience scaling.


Ash Herr

Ash is a multimedia artist and creative technologist, previously @adobe, @UTAustin and currently located at the intersection of art and technology.

Ash Herr

Clarissa Ardon

Software Tester

Clarissa Ardon

Clarissa, whose interest in art and design has led her to pursue a career in architecture. Her curiosity, continuous learning, and the need to connect, communicate and collaborate with like-minded individuals have led her to reimagine her career in technology. She is currently developing both web and mobile applications. Her eye for detail allows her to test software, identifying improvement opportunities related to end-users.