Understand the Relationship Between Lightroom and Galeryst

You are always in control of the images you share in your galleries. When you create a gallery on Galeryst, the assets and information about those assets in the Lightroom albums that you select are used to generate a unique model of each wing in your gallery using those assets in the order you have them arranged in Lightroom.

Thumbnail size versions of each assets are saved to Galeryst along with the information about each asset that has been entered in Lightroom. For paid subscribers, higher resolution(2048px) images are also saved to Galeryst.

Every time your gallery is shown to a visitor, the models, thumbnails, and asset information that was captured at the time of gallery creation is used.

In a gallery when an artwork is clicked, Galeryst attempts to show a higher resolution image (2048px). For paid subscribers, the image is the higher resolution image saved at the time of Gallery creation. For free starter plan users, Galeryst attempts to request a higher resolution image from the Lightroom service and if these conditions are met, it will be shown:

  1. The creator has a valid Lightroom subscription
  2. The images is still in Lightroom
  3. The creator has authorized Galeryst within the past two weeks.

Adding or removing assets from your Lightroom album will not add them to or remove them from your gallery until you regenerate your gallery.

Once the gallery model has been created, you can delete the album and the gallery wings that were created with that album will still be available. If you try to regenerate the gallery, you will have to select alternate albums for any wings that have been deleted.

You can always change the access level of a gallery to private to make the gallery inaccessible to anyone except yourself when you are logged in to Galeryst.

You can update the asset images and properties at any time and the gallery will show the changes when you regenerate it.

Every time you delete or update your galleries, Galeryst will insure that any images that are no longer needed in galleries are deleted from the Galeryst service.