Add links to your artwork to connect your viewers to more information, a commerce site, an NFT, or even a video about the piece.

If you upgrade your plan to an Artist, Curator, or Museum, you can add links to any of your artwork.

  1. From the My Galleries page, click on the ... on a gallery card and select Customize gallery...
  2. When the Customize dialog opens, select the Assets tab.
  3. The Assets tab shows a table of all of the artwork in your gallery with the title from Lightroom.
  4. In the Link column for any of the rows, type in a URL to the page that will be used for the link and press the update button next to the URL. Note that Galeryst does not validate any of the links.
    Customizing links on
  5. You do not need to regenerate your gallery to activate the link.
  6. The link could be to any site on the web, including a commmerce site, an NFT URL, or more information about the artwork. Please do not link to malicious or obscene content - as that may get your gallery deactivated or your account suspended.

Managing links in Excel

You can also manage the links for your artwork in the Galeryst add-in for Microsoft Excel in the same way.

  1. Launch Microsoft Excel on the desktop, tablet, or web
  2. In the top ribbon select Insert...Get Add-ins
  3. In the search box, type 'galeryst' and press Add when the add-in appears.
  4. A Galeyst button should appear in the Home tab of the top ribbon. Press the button to activate the task pane.
  5. Sign in with your Adobe ID
  6. Once you are signed in, select a gallery that you want to add links to. The gallery artworks will be listed in a new worksheet tab named for the gallery.
  7. Edit the names and links and press the Update galleries button when you're done.

Browsing your gallery with Artwork links

This is the experience that your gallery visitors will see.

  1. Go to the gallery page.
  2. From the gallery foyer, enter any of the wings.
  3. Notice that on every piece of artwork that has a link, there is a blue border around the card text is blue. When you hover over the card, the card turns blue as well.
    An asset in the gallery with a link.
  4. Clicking on the card opens a new tab in your browser and navigates to the linked page.