Setting up Museum Gallery Accounts

If you have a Curator or Museum subscription plan, you can share the total number of allocated galleries across multiple accounts.

  1. The user with the museum plan should share the Adobe Id email address with the other associated users who will create galleries.
  2. Each associated user should create at least one album in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.
  3. Each associated user should login to
  4. Each associated users should go to the Settings page, Museum tab.
  5. Each associated user should enter the museum adobe Id from step 1 into the Museum account Adobe id field and press Update.
  6. Each associated user should share their Adobe ID email address with the user with the musuem account.
  7. The user with the musuem plan should then go to the Settings page, Museum tab.
  8. Then enter each associated user Adobe Id in the Adobe IDs field, one per line and press Update.
  9. After updating you should see a table with the accounts and the number of galleries that each of the accounts has created.
  10. The associated users should now see that 'Museum Plan' should now display below their name on the page header.
  11. The associated users can now create galleries up to the total amount shared by the curator or museum account holder.

Creating a Museum Gallery

The user with the Curator or Museum subscription plan can now create museum galleries, where each gallery has a foyer and that foyer can list up to 12 wings from the associated galleries.

  1. The Curator or Museum user signs into Galeryst and navigates to their My Galleries page.
  2. Click on the button Create a Museum Foyer
  3. A New Museum Gallery dialog will display.
  4. Entar a Name for the gallery on the Details tab.
  5. Open the Museum Wings tab.
  6. Press the + button to select up to 12 wings from the galleries that are either unlisted or public.
  7. Configure the foyer on the Foyer tab.
  8. Press Update gallery to update the foyer and make it visible to the public.